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Sharp Pleat Folds
Sharp pleat folds vs. rounded pleats is there a difference?
Absolutely! One of the first things a filter expert will look for when examining a pool or spa element is the pleat fold or "knuckle radius" of the pleat. Why is this important? If you look carefully, you will notice that some manufacturers' pleats are very sharp while others are rounded and even appear puffy. With Reemay or other spunbonded polyester medias it is much easier to make a rounded fold than a sharp pleat. Moreover, a rounded fold can mask the filter manufacturer's inability to make straight pleats or maintain proper pleat spacing.
  • Cleanability:
    sharp folds increase the spacing between pleats making it easier to flush out loose debris.
  • Eliminates bridging:
    allows particles to get down into the pleat instead of laying across the top of two or more pleats. This assures maximum dirt holding.
  • Full utilization of the pleat surface:
    allows debris to build up from the inside out, critical to obtaining the maximum cycle life between cleanings.
Maximizes flow, minimizes pressure loss - by decreasing the surface contact between the inner pleat knuckle and center tube.

* This information pertains to elements made of spunbonded polyester. Paper type media is not considered in this presentation.