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Vertical Grids
Vertical D.E. grids look pretty simple. Is there anything specific to be alert for?

The good news is all four slotted grids, i.e. Pac Fab, American, Hayward, and Sta-Rite, are interchangeable (assuming full size grids are replaced with full size and small grids with smalls). Unicel offers one all-purpose replacement series.

The bad news is the two notched types are not interchangeable. Interchanging Purex and Swimrite/Premier Atlas grids in their respective tanks can cause D.E. to bleed directly into the pool. Purex grids are shorter in length than their Atlas cousins and, if put in an Atlas tank, can pop loose from the manifold during the backwash cycle. Once unseated, D.E. will pass directly into the pool when the valve is returned to the filter mode. Unicel offers two replacement series for notched collar grids.

If in doubt, measure the grid from the notch to the opposite end. See the Unicel Replacement Guide for exact lengths and correct part numbers.