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Three years ago Unicel began adding an insert to the center tube of its 3-inch and 4-inch diameter cartridges. The paddle wheel shaped part functions as a reinforcement that significantly reduces, and some cases eliminates cartridge collapse. This malfunction can occur when an element that has not been properly cleaned and maintained is subject to high differential pressure. While this condition has plagued all cartridge manufacturers, Unicel’s unique reinforcement has been so successful that we plan to continue including it in our large diameter elements.

  Recent entries to the market include new products such as Hayward’s “SwimPure” natural purifying system.This cylindrical shaped pack slides directly into the center tube of the cartridge. To accommodate this device, the reinforcement wheel must be removed.

Fortunately, Unicel uses a press fit to hold the reinforcement in place and removal of the wheel can be accomplished by following these easy steps: